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Welcome to CatchingMoonStars! Everyone is welcome into my Geektastic world! Wanna get the biggest gossip stories on your favorite celebrities? Well, your at the wrong place! Here I’ll end up ranting about things I wouldn’t have the guts to say in real life! So welcome to my sarcasm filled brain.

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My blogger name is London Hope Noel. So far we have 22,000 views & 92 followers, and that’s pretty impressive! I’m only 12 but I feel like we can get the blog to 150 followers and 50,000 views, don’t you? I really hope to meet lot’s of people from blogging, so don’t be scared to comment. We could all could become best friends! You should all join the awkward family!

-LHN (London Hope Noel)

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Do you guys ever imagine little scenarios in your head that will NEVER happen? Like for example, your crush will randomly take a liking in you? Or that you’ll fly to Hogwarts and chill with Harry,Hermione & Ron? OR even that you’ll get to guest star or your favorite show, Doctor Who? Well I have been thinking about all these scenarios lately, especially the first one. Let’s call my crush, Jerry. He’s tall,athletic, & really nice! He’s a blonde with lightning blue eyes and just overall SUPER cute! ‘Jerry’ never notices me though, I guess that’s what happens when you sit in the corner reading books during free periods.



Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! We’ve got homework everyday that I really needed to finish!

On a different note, who else LOVES the song ‘Sweater Weather’ ??? I’ve literally been addicted to that song lately.

To Cute!

So like usual i was chilling on WeHeartIt looking at pictures. But then, I see the cutest picture ever! It’s this piece a paper a boy wrote and the girl had to decode it and once you decode it, it asks you to prom.



Legitimately, if someone did that for me i’d say yes right away! (hint hint. wink wink) Like you got my favorite TV show in there(The Fresh Prince) My favorite subject(Math) AND their’s music & grammer. Just yes. Someone please do this for me!


Fun Day!

Today I went to my town’s carnival, with my BFF. It was honestly so much fun! They brought a new ride this year and it`s so cool! You go into it and it`s like a really big room. You have to stand against the wall and it spins you so fast that you can`t move and the workers controlling it get up and walk on the walls! It`s like they found a loophole in gravity. I wanted to play a game to win a really huge pikachu toy but it was 10$ and probably rigged.